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I've always been an experimentalist in the kitchen. Just ask my Mom. I loved to invent new recipes when I was younger. Though I flopped a lot I never lost that drive to tinker with flavors and food whilst creating my own signature versions. Now, I've added experience, photography and the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle to my repertoire and I'm excited to bring you my brand new adventures!Since I don't believe in sacrificing my taste buds for the sake of health here is where you're going to find the recipes I've scoured for (and more than likely tweaked) to be successes in that brutal criteria. I guarantee vibrant flavor and textures that will make you happy that you switched to REAL food.So please come on in! Grab a spoon and a mug before you cozy in at my kitchen table. We'll chat awhile about health and life and all the things we love while I serve you up some of my favorites!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Can I Snicker Now?

I am a self declared Foodie who is aspiring to be a decent food photographer. I am also a chocolate lover, a Trim Healthy Single, and I talk A LOT! :)  
I have been on my THM journey since January and I have fallen head over heels for it. I mean, you can eat a Snickers shake for dinner people! What's not to love? Trim Healthy Mama has given me so much freedom. I don't have to count calories or even feel pressured to exercise an hour every day.

Along my journey I have found some recipes likes this one (Snicker's Shake) that continue to prove to me that healthy can be delicious and decadent!
I added real peanut butter to mine and a good 'Glump' of organic heavy cream to make it a Satifying S and it is mighty rich my friend! I added a little more cocoa than it called for because I like it extra chocolately and dark. I added 1 teaspoon of caramel extract because I have Watson brand easily found at Walmart but I could've added more because mine tasted more like a Reeses than a Snickers. Hey, I'm not complaining! I like peanut butter cups quite well too, thank you very much!

I've been holding off trying this combination in a shake because I feared it would taste so far from the real deal that my hopes would be dashed on the sharp edges of the rocks of the realistic. I finally decided to take the plunge tonight, come what may. Goodness! Wasn't I surprised when this did NOT taste like a healthy smoothie but instead like a true dessert that could kick any candy bar craving!
If you've had reservations about trying chocolate in your smoothies and are feeling the need to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth and the Skinny chocolate isn't cutting it, please take the 5 mins. and give this a try!
Wait, do you hear that sound? Yes, I'm snickering.... because who knew healthy could be so amazing!

P.S. My biggest tip with any recipe is to taste, taste, taste as you go! I stop my blender at least 3 times per smoothie to check and adjust. It makes a BIG difference in the finished product.